Age: 20
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Waist Size: 0
Turn On's: Great Personality, Compassion, Faith, Confidence, Sense of Humor, Candlelight, Thunderstorms, Positive Attitude, Being Charitable, Independence, Motivation & Drive in life, Courage, Dignity, Honesty, Morals & Values, Adventure
Turn Off's: Negativity, Laziness, Lying, Impatience, Selfishness, No Ambition, Insecurity, Jealousy
Guilty Pleasure: Chinese food, ice cream, the BEACH!, chocolate, coffee, a nice nap, hiking, cliff jumping, running in the rain...those little things in life.
Favorite Singer/Band: I love all types of music, honestly. I absolutely love Michael Buble though! His voice is so amazing and he is truly an incredibly talented singer. From pop, rock, rap to country and the oldies, I just love music.
Favorite Team: New York Yankees!!! I also love to watch football, gotta root for my UMASS team & NFL, I cheer for both the Patriots and Giants.



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